How To Insert A Tampon

So, you wanna learn how to use a tampon! Well, you’ve come to the right place!

  • Know where your vagina is. Not only being one of the most important things, you should know this in general. Use the following diagram:

    The Vagina
    The Vagina
  • Wash your hands. You’re gonna be fiddling around your lady parts, so suds up!
  • Sit/Stand in a comfortable position. Some women prefer to place one leg on the toilet seat or tub, while others prefer to squat down.
  • Hold the tampon like a utensil to write with. Hold the middle of the tampon, at the spot where the smaller, inner tube inserts into the larger, outer tube. Make sure the string is visible and pointing away from your body.
  • With your other hand, open the labia (The flaps of skin around the vaginal opening). Position the tampon inside the vaginal opening. See picture above
  • Gently push the tampon into the opening, aiming for the small of your back. Stop when your fingers touch your body and the applicator is completely inside the vagina.
  • Once the applicator or outer tube is inside your vagina, use your index finger to push the inner tube (the tube where the removal string is visible) through the outer tube. This pushes the tampon into the vagina.
  • Once the inner tube is all the way in, use your thumb and middle finger to remove the applicator or outer tube.Make sure that the string hangs outside of your vaginal opening. Later, when you are ready to remove the tampon, hold the string and gently pull it downward until the entire tampon is out.



Tampon Insertion
Tampon Insertion