The following are real interviews made by real people.

Some of the following items may be offensive to some viewers.

Read at your own risk.

This is a Transformice user, named

I asked Mslovebird some questions. Here are her responses:

  • What product did you use? Pad.
    Did it hurt? No, unless your stomach hurts.
    Did you get moody? “None of the above.” ( I gave answers of yes, a little, and sometimes)
    What would you suggest to somebody that just started their period? “If you have brothers DO NOT tell them. And if you have a phone call your mom and let her know. If it happens during school tell a teacher.”
    How would you describe your period, besides bloody and things like that? “Light, as in It isn’t as much as I thought.”

Remember to check out! It is a fun virtual world. You play as a mouse, and collect cheese to get cool items!

I hope you enjoyed this interview, remember to check back for more!


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