Vaginal Discharge-Overview

The white mucus on your panties- yep- this is it.

What Is Vaginal Discharge?

Vaginal discharge is the mucus/fluid made in the glands inside the vagina and cervix. It is spread throughout your cycle during the days you do not bleed.

Vaginal discharge serves an important role in keeping your vagina clean and healthy by carrying dead cells and bacteria out of your body. So, in minor words, your vagina is self cleaning!

Your vagina does a great job at cleaning itself while keeping the flora in your vagina in a happy balance. This is why vaginal douches to clean your vagina are unnecessary and can even upset the balance of friendly flora in your vagina.

What Are The Types Of Discharge?

There are 4 textures of vaginal discharge. They are:

  • Sticky- This discharge occurs when you’re least fertile.
  • Creamy- This occurs when you are non-fertile.
  • Watery- This happens when you’re fertile.
  • Jelly-Like- This happens when you are most fertile

More on the types of vaginal discharge can be found here: [Link coming soon]

Question and Answer: Why are my panties being bleached with discharge?

Your discharge is naturally acidic. Discharge can fade the color of your panties because of this. It can even put holes in your panties!

You can prevent this by wearing pantyliners. They are like pads, but much thinner.


Normal vaginal discharge may look something like this.